Tree Service

Sometimes it may not be necessary to bring out a big tree service company.  If trees are small enough, and can be safely taken down without the possibly of hitting a house, power line, or other obstruction, we will be happy to assist you.  Services include, but may not be limited to:

  • Cut up and removal of fallen trees, tree limbs, and debris
  • Cut down of weed trees, smaller trees, and removal
  • Planting of new trees  up to 15ft tall, and 3ft wide root balls
  • Trimming, pruning, and shaping up to 15 feet off the ground
  • Rip outs of small trees with big chains and 4×4 truck

We work with an extension ladder, hand held saws, a chainsaw on the end of a pole, a tree trimmer, and tree ropes.  If a ladder has no where to lean against, our limited height of cutting limbs is approximately 16-20 feet, which can maybe take down something reaching up to 40 feet.

Contact us today for a price on your next tree service.