Quick Online Buy!

If your project is very straight forward, you feel comfortable just sending us some pictures, instructions, and purchasing a visit for our team members to visit your property today, why wait? This QUICK BUY option let’s you purchase Manpower Plus Machines in 2 hour increments at a great rate! Choose from 2,3, or 4 team members equipped with all the machines needed to get the job done right, fast, and safe!

Purchase a 2 man team

Purchase a 3 man team

Purchase a 4 man team

Purchases do not include material, or picking up or delivering material. Only offered for properties located in Oakland County MI. Does not promise completing any certain task in the given time frame. Prices reflected are prepaid only. If you have any questions about what to purchase, we encourage you to contact us.

Quick buys and deposits to schedule jobs are non-refundable.